Straight Out Of Compton (OST) (2000) (320kbps)

1. Out For The Chips (The Westadelicks)
2. Pump Your Brakes (The Cali Players)
3. Ghetto Lullaby (Sabotage)
4. I Won't Stop (Kangol)
5. Go Ike (Skit)
6. Love Is My Mission (Oletha Ford)
7. Rider (The Westadelicks)
8. We Need The Money (I.C.H.)
9. Here For You (Gwenn)
10. I Come Up Hard (I.C.H. f/ Tone Kelsey)
11. Get Out (Skit)
12. Pimp Daddy (L.J. Rapp)
13. Mentally Ready (Mouse)
14. Money Talks (Sabotage)
15. Physical Attraction (Tone Kelsey)
16. Across The Boarder (Outta Control f/ The Westadelicks & I.C.H.)
17. Paper (The Westadelicks)