B-Legit - The Hemp Museum (1996) (320kbps)

1. Intro
2. City 2 City (Feat. Levitti)
3. For So Long
4. Check It Out (Feat. E-40, Kurupt)
5. Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us (Feat. C-Bo, Little Bruce)
6. The Hemp Museum
7. Neva Bite (Feat. The Mossie)
8. Ghetto Smile (Feat. Daryl Hall)
9. Don't Do It (Interlude)
10. Can My Nine Get Ate (Feat. Mac Shawn)
11. Niggaz Get They Wig Split (Feat. Celly Cel, C-Bo)
12. Rollin' Wit Hustlers (Feat. Harm)
13. Get's Down Like That (Feat. A-1)
14. D-Boy Blues (Feat. Levitti)
15. My Flow of Cash (Feat. Funk Mobb)