Brownside - Eastside Drama (1997) (320kbps)

1. Payback
2. Another Crazy Day
3. KBRN (Feat. Julio G)
4. So Ruff (Feat. Rich Garcia)
5. Danger R.I.P. (Feat. Julio G)
6. Life On The Streets
7. Gangster Point Of View
8. Last Day (Feat. Rich Garcia)
9. Can't Stop The Southland
10. Look Through My Eyes
11. Hookin' Up With Eazy-E (Feat. Julio G)
12. Vatos 'N The Varrio
13. Creepin'
14. People Vs. Toker
15. Do Or Die (Feat. Rich Garcia)
16. I Never Thought (Feat. Julio G)
17. Rest In Peace (Feat. Rich Garcia)