Rappin' 4-Tay - Off Parole (1996) (320kbps)

1. I Paid My Dues
2. New Trump (Feat. Lil' Fly)
3. A Lil' Some'em Some'em
4. Check Ya Self!
5. Ain't No Playa (Playaz Shit) (Feat. Passion)
6. Never Talk Down (Feat. Too $hort, MC Breed)
7. 25-2-Life
8. Boogie Bang Bang (Feat. Franky J.)
9. Comin' Back
10. Hala At A Playa!
11. Game On The Shelf (Feat. The Get Low Playaz)
12. Off Parole
13. Where's The Party
14. Phat Like That (Feat. Jasmyne Forté)
15. Still Ph#@*in' Wit My Folk$ (Feat. Primo, T-Lowe, D-Moe, Nate The Banksta, Hugh E. MC)
16. Ain't No Playa (Radio Mix)