Battlecat - Gumbo Roots (1995)


01. Journey (Feat. Peeps Game)
02. Ain't No Thang (Feat. Beefy Loc)
03. On Top Of The World (Feat. Ras Kass, Hot B & Skitso G)
04. Swerve On (Feat. King Lou & Ruff Dogg)
05. Reality Check (Feat. Kam, Playa Hamm, Peeps Game & Kay Cavie)
06. Stone Cold Nut (Feat. Roc Slanga)
07. Waterdrop (Feat. Ruben RC Cruz)
08. Just The Way I Live (Feat. Domino)
09. Master Plan (Feat. Playa Hamm & Jewell)
10. Blue 64
11. Out Here (Feat. Dana Dane, Beefy Loc, Flossy Mac & Michel'Le)
12. Freedom
13. Set Trippin' (Feat. Dresta, Yo-Yo, I Smooth 7& Romy Dee)
14. Everybody Give It Up (Feat. Ruff Dogg, King Lou & Caffeine)
15. Cat's Shout Out (I'll Die For The Funk)